Responsibility-to be a responsible person

Clarify your own job responsibilities and practice,do not shirk,and do not escape.Responsible for the superior(execution ability).Responsible for subordinates(management capabilities).Responsible for the tasks assigned.

Responsible for what you said.

Responsible for your actions.Have the courage to admit mistakes,dare to take responsibility,and correct in time

Have the courage to correct the irresponsible words and deeds of other employees of the company

Take care of the overall situation,do not care about personal gains and losses.

Cooperation-teamwork,common growth

Actively integrate into the team,be willing to accept the help of colleagues,and work with the team.

Actively publish constructive opinions before the decision-making,and fully participate in the team discussion;after the decision,no matter whether the individual has any objection,he must fully support it from words and deeds.

Proactively share business knowledge and experience;take the initiative to give colleagues the necessary help;be good at using the power of the team to solve problems and difficulties.

Be good at cooperating with different types of colleagues,not bringing personal preferences into the work,fully embodying the principle of“doing things right”.

Have a sense of ownership,positively influence the team and improve team morale and atmosphere.